About us

Hello there :)

So how did this all start? One day I was on YouTube, and one of the suggested videos was titled "Plan with Me", and the thumb nail showed a planner and a bunch of cute stationery. As someone obsessed with cute stationery I thought "hmm...looks interesting", and from there it was a downward spiral. I kept watching one PWM to another, then came the planner set up videos, then the sticker hauls, then planner unboxings... the list goes on! 

After watching hours/days of planner related videos I finally caved and bought my first planner (black Kikki K), because why not? It was just one and I need to get my life together anyways, right?

The obsession grew and I started my planner instagram. There I meet so many amazing and supportive people. Seriously the amount of girl bosses is truly amazing! But, because of this obsession I found myself spending more and more, who knew that this planning hobby would be so expensive? 

I thought to myself, "hmm I doodle (not great but its okay LOL), I could make my own stickers and save some money! It can't be too hard right?" But boy was I wrong! The amount of work sticker makers put into their products is absolutely astonishing! Designing, printing, cutting etc it takes so much hard work. Plus, many sellers do this as a SIDE job?!?!? How in the world can I pull this off while working a full time job, and still have a life? Is that even possbile?!?! It's EXHAUSTING

But, I found myself LOVING it and it is so worth it!! Yes, its stressful and it takes a lot of your time, BUT, at the end of the day I find myself wanting to design more and more stickers. So here I am :) I truly hope you guys enjoy what I put forward, I know I'm a super noob at this, but I will get better! 

Okay enough babbling :P hope you enjoy your stickies and please feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!