Welcome to vanstickie.com

Hi everyone! We are temporarily putting the shop on password mode as we continue to pack orders from our Easter sale. Once we are a little more caught up we will reopen. When we open again things will be a bit different in the sense that the majority of our stickers stocks will no longer be unlimited stock. We will be moving to ready to ship, meaning things will be more limited but we hope this will help make moving orders out faster. When we open again we will also be doing an oops sale and if you are playing along with our “collectors game” we will have the new May promo sheet available as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding ❤️ We will be back soon Also, if you have a custom chibi and have yet to email me you specifications please send these to me at Vanstickie@gmail.com 😊 For any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at vanstickie@gmail.com Thank you for your patience and understanding, Mary Abigail